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We Offer Pool Closing Services

As the seasons change, ensuring your pool is properly closed is crucial to its longevity and performance. At Splish-n-Splash, we go beyond the basics, treating your pool with specialized chemicals to prevent algae growth and protect your water through the winter months. Our team carefully inspects and winterizes your pool equipment, from pumps to filters, to avoid any potential freeze damage. Trust us to secure your pool against the elements, setting the stage for a seamless and sparkling reopening come spring.

Following proper pool closing procedures will extend the life of your pool, filtering, heating and maintenance equipment. It also ensures you will have safe pool water and an easier time opening and cleaning you pool the next year. We provide a complete swimming pool opening services either separately or combined with swimming pool care plans.

Splish-n-Splash offers pool closing services in Quakertown, Doylestown, Solebury , Montgomery and bucks county and other surrounding areas. Our comprehensive closing service starts at $279 depending on size and equipment.

The basic pool opening service consists of:

  • Reassembling all equipment disassembled during pool closing
  • preparing the pool and filtration system for operation
  • Start up chemical kit for water quality.
  • Pool cover removal and cleaning
  • Initial pool cleaning
  • Pool cover power washing and putting away
  • Pool opening may also include pool heater cleaning and adjusting
  • Inspection of joints and seals to see if repairs are necessary

Our office is in Perkasie and we offer pool opening services in Doylestown, Buckingham, Lahaska & New Hope areas.

For more information about pool opening services and pricing call 267-441-8032

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